26 Things of the Year 2016

We can all agree that 2016 was not the most ideal year for humanity. We are not entirely sure that is actually true but that is what we choose to believe. For me, 2016 was just another year filled with tons of ‘firsts’. As an expat integrating into a new culture I hope to never stop having new experiences ‘cause that is the beauty of living abroad (and yes, you should all do it). We recap years that have passed by looking at the pictures on our feeds, ticket stubs, emails, texts from new friends and acquaintances. Before I trail off into the land of ‘what is the meaning of life’ let's dissect 2016!

1. Started this year with a weekend spent at the cabin in the woods (obv, together with the people I love). I screamed my head off into the night to release stress. Perfect.

2. Was featured on a podcast! Although sadly World Citizen Storycast doesn’t exist anymore it was an unbelievable experience that makes you hate the recorded sound of your own voice.

3. Wordly got an upgrade! I mean, I was excited. Hope y’all were too. Now it finally doesn’t look like a basic blogger account. Now it looks like a slightly fancy blogger account.

4. Chopped my hair off and grew it back out. I mean, there is so much a girl can do.

5. Saw my friend (and was at this event for the first time) give a TEDx talk! It was unbelievable. It was also happening in one of my favorite cities in TN. And our last day Sunday brunch was unbelievable (mimosas were included. Duh).

6. Saw Adam Lambert in concert and that ended up being the best show I have ever seen. I believe in that 6 handshakes thing so if you do know Adam - please tell him he is awesome. And I love him. And he is incredible. And… I am going to go now.

7. Wrote a piece I was dying to do. Even though the conversation didn’t go as I planned it still ended up to be one of the best pieces I have written so far (in my very very humble opinion and google stats, ya know).

8. Went to Key West and fell in love (duh, sun and beach and music. Why wouldn't I?).

9. Got a job with an airline and went into training. Met some amazing people, aced all the tests and graduated.

10. Quit a job with an airline. People thought I was crazy to pass on an opportunity like this but if it doesn’t make you happy - it is not worth it. I sure miss free air travel but oh well.

11. Got my old job back and realized that if your job makes you happy you forget what ‘stress’ really means.

12. Celebrated 1 year of wordly! And wrote y’all a love letter.

13. Read a book by an author who didn’t publish anything for 11 years. Later, I had an honor of listening to him read a chapter from this book in person. Confirmed my fears that we all are messed up in our own special way.

14. Went to my first festival! VooDoo Fest in New Orleans this year was a gateway to festival life and culture for this Ukrainian. Saw so many talented folks for the first time but still kept my loyalties with The Pretty Reckless.

15. Celebrated my second year of marriage. We are now officially over with the Terrible Twos :D

16. Brought chokers back to my life. My own little special reminder of the emo kid inside.

17. Went to my first (and later second) American wedding (well, of the people I know and care about). Danced, ate delicious food, and enjoyed tasty drinks.

18. Went to a Way Late Harry Potter Playdate at the Adventure Science Center and played quidditch and stared at people’s costumes and grew hope in my heart that Harry Potter fandom will eventually safe this world.

19. Had to prep a Thanksgiving Dinner for hostel staff and guests. Had a near panic attack in the middle of the store the night before. Nope, not taking any responsibility for this one - when you ask a person who doesn’t cook to prep a giant party you kinda have to expect difficulties. Although it ended up being a hit - I am never doing this ever again. Ever.

20. Chose a top book for 2016. It is Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. Such a fantastic piece of literature. Opened up to be just ok but OH MY GOSH it gets amazingly fantastic both in plot and writing style. So incredible.

21. Moved to a house! I lived in a house before but never had my name on the lease of one. Y’all: it is awesome. We have space, space, and some more space. So next time you are in Nashville, wait for it, we have a guest room. We are SO grown up.

22. Played an escape game for the first time and got full-on addicted.

23. Taught a Russian language class and didn’t quit! Damn, that was tough.

24. Joined a gym and have been working out, like, consistently (ish). Nothing gives you a better high than a great workout. Also my trainer hates me. I mean, of course he doesn’t but he makes me work too hard when I want to be under my blanket which is all the time. So I guess he is alright.

25. Finally have a credit score! Thanks America for making me live in debt in order to prove to you that I am responsible. I would rather spend my own money than the bank’s, thanks.

26. Got paid for writing. Seriously, one of the most incredible things when your passion brings income. And all I had to do is to write about the Kardashians. Who knew?

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