Yaryna Korshunidze for The Hello Series

Alisa's note:
We meet again. This week The Hello Series is sharing a story of Yaryna. In this age of Internet awesomeness where we share what we want and shouldn't I found it easy to look for people I don't know, aka stalk them. But let's face it: when you plug in hashtags, tag your locations, and tag people you are with - there is little place to hide. I, for one, am thankful for this. A weird (or what is weird nowadays) method of looking for someone led me to a wonderful Ukrainian girl living in Arizona and today you all will meet her. Please show some love! And get ready: I am planning something very special for you guys. 

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with work and driving and trying to change my life habits that I don’t really notice the palm trees around me that has always brought those childish joyful feelings of a vacation in me whenever I was traveling to some tropical country for my days off.

I was feeling sick the other day and had to drive back home to just lay in bed. The traffic wasn’t heavy, so I was not that stressed and I had the chance to look around while driving, well guess what ? - I’m missing out on so many breathtaking views!

And that’s what happened to me in Ukraine too only I knew the city because I was able to walk its streets. And that’s what frustrates me here, I don’t get to actually walk the streets, always too busy with work, too busy with home, too busy  shopping and who would walk miles to the store anyway..

But a good thing about it is that these thoughts actually persuade me to change. Change the way I look at life, work and things that surround me. If I’m “stuck” here for uncertain period of time, away from my home, friends and loved ones, then it definitely should pay off in other things.

My name is Iryna and I’ve moved to Gilbert, Arizona last December.  I mostly speak sarcasm with my friends, and that’s what I miss the most right now.. I feel like my sarcasm meter is being overfilled with “too many jokes, too many jokes” ©. I don’t have any new friends here yet. Is there such things as an old and new friend at all?  I’m originally from Youzhnoukrainsk, Mykolayv oblast of Ukraine. I lived in Kyiv (that has become my home sweet home) for the past 10 years and now I’m here.. I’m working at the commercial real-estate company since February, voluntarily translating a book of 600 pages about Revolution in Ukraine.. (It’s going slow, but it’s going) and basically, just trying to find myself on this new land.

All of the things above are making me start taking my way of living seriously (not that I haven’t before, but.. you know). Since I don’t have friends here, except for my mom, to keep my mind straight I’m planning to go on trips around Arizona every now and then, and hopefully, I’ll be sharing with you some of them. I also would like to share thoughts and stories that might not be typical for the US immigrant/expat..

That’s the most terrible intro I have ever written.

It’s nice to meet you all! I’m grateful for the opportunity given by Wordly.. Right about time, hon’ :)  I’ve been writing some thoughts of mine before on my personal blog, but I think as of now it looks more like my diary.  Hopefully, my inspiration will not be blown off in two weeks and this collaboration will actually grow into something interesting and useful for everyone.

*The Hello Series features stories in their original form written by Ukrainian expats living in the USA*

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