5 Crooked Tennessee Laws

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People ask me how it feels to live in the South. How is the South different from the rest of the country? So, to shine a weird light on the obscurity that it is "the South" - here are 5 crooked Tennessee laws for ya. Just a tiny disclaimer: I spent the time picking up the most ridiculous ones. The South is not too bad - the sun is shining on most days and people are very nice. Plus there is the food. And you and I both know that I go where the food goes.

1. Got Netflix? Keep it TO YOURSELF. 
In the state of Tennessee it is illegal to share your Netflix password with the others. So, all you folks who are still abusing your parents' accounts even though you are well over 25 and can afford to spend $10 for a subscription...no judgement. This is a safe space and I won't tell. But seriously, technically, if I have an account - it is illegal for me to share my password with my best friend, or a friend in need, or a stranger, even though I paid my own money for it. Freedom, you say?

2. DO NOT go and have a duel if you want to become a big shot in the future. 
And more into that: "Any person who participates in a duel may not hold any public office in the state". So, here is the thing: if you are having a DUEL - I am not entirely sure the public wants you in the office. 'Cause lets face it: you probably were having a light saber duel in your living-room with your dorky best friend after the 1000th time you watched Star Wars together and were rooting for different things. Or something along those lines. BUT! If you pulled the whole Pushkin duel thing (and most importantly, survived) - man, I choose you. Lead me, oh my knight in shining armor.

3. Everything is about sex.
If you are in school, it is ILLEGAL for the students to hold hands in Tennessee, since it is considered to be a 'gateway' to sexual activity. Alright. I mean, listen. This is one of those where I literally 'can't even'... Growing up in Ukraine girls would always hold hands with their girlfriends, cause boys had cooties and I needed the reassurance I still have a friend by my side. Granted, that habit (holding my female friend's hand) led me to a few awkward situations ones I moved to the US at the age of 16... (yeah, talk to me about it). But man, half of the confidence I had growing up (and it wasn't a lot) came from those friendly hand-holdings. TN made me sad with this one...

4. Ladies, separate!
Did you know that if you have 7 female roommates while being a female yourself your house is considered a brothel? Eight females under one roof is a brothel in Tennessee. Yep, I am going to just leave this here to settle. Although, this might be a myth - you can read up more here.

5. You better believe in God.
Yep, my atheist friends, you can not hold the office in this state. Religion is a big issue and I won't go into that. But! The whole separation of church and state kinda blurs out on the edges on this one. "You have to believe in something in order to lead people" - seems like a concept of a disaster to me. But then again - what do I know? I can't even vote.


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