The wrong type of Christmas

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I feel like I have no "right" being excited about Christmas but I am and here is the terrifying truth: I am excited about the hallmark side of Christmas.

Alright, backtracking: I don't celebrate "the birth of Christ" per say  - more of a Hanukkah kind of girl if you know what I mean (duh, Alisa, even bears know what you mean! Shut up and move on). So! Yes! Christmas. Christmas in Ukraine is solely a religious thing - people go to church and all and I don't really notice it. It is a holiday, a.k.a day off, so I am thankful to stay home and binge watch Friends for the 100 time. But in the United States...Christmas is a thing. I mean, it is THE THING.  

1. People are nicer. To be fair - I live in the south, so "nice" is already a part of a body, and a vital one at that. But around Christmas time it is 10 times better and sweeter and I just want to run around and hug everyone! But I kinda wanna do that most days, but whatever, you know.
2. It doesn't have to be "winter" - everything is already a wonderland. MY GOD.  The lights!!! I swear, in my past life I was a light technician or something! Lights fascinate my inner everything. A little magic happens when you light them. The "Ahhh" moment. The illumination of the otherwise boring life. Magic in its smallest form. You got it.
3. The gift craze. Alright, I love giving gifts.  If i had a choice between eating my last dinner or spending money on something my friend really wants - I would eat. And then work an extra shift to get that gift. Cause, with all my love, food comes first. Every time you give me a gift without any holiday coming up - just because you are a nice person and just want to make me happy - I will freak out. I might not show it to you but trust me, the hurricane inside will be going strong. I immediately feel like I have to "pay you back" by getting you something in return, and I get anxious and all... I'm working on it, I swear I am working on being better at accepting gifts. But. On Christmas! On Christmas I can get 25 different presents an enjoy them like no other and not feel like I am going pass out from all the thoughts going through my mind.
4. The holiday music. Should I even? I'll be over here, rocking around my Christmas tree. 
All in all, I like things that an average American who grew up experiencing this year after year after year would not enjoy. And I don't dismiss the fact, that maybe in 20 years I will be sick of it too. But I am counting on exploring some other country in 20 years. 

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