Re-reading Alice in Wonderland

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I loved Alice growing up. Great story, vivid characters, colorful semantics... Her name was translated as Alisa into Ukrainian and Russian and my self-loving self enjoyed that greatly..#noshame

So it was only fair for me to get excited when I saw it in Barnes and Noble and carried it to the register. It was the time to review and revisit my childhood memories. I shouldn't have. 

The book itself, the collection of Lewis Caroll's stories is beautiful. Heavy, but beautiful. My eyesockets were pleased with the view. 

But let's jump in and talk about Alice. The childhood blissfulness of the made up world of hers faded away for me. Sure, there is a chance that my grown-up mind shrunk and is unable to preceve the wonderful worlds that jump from the pages. But on the other hand, have we met? No, don't think that's it.

Alice as a character is the most unrelatable, cocky, demanding, and annoying in the most hostile way a character can be. I'm being a little harsh.. But she is. No way around it. The wonderful string of exquisite and precise words of the great Caroll can not save the emptiness of Alice's character. 

My favorite character, the mad hatter, seemed small and irrelevant. Thinking about Johnny Depp while reading helped a lot. Despite my attempts to find a single character to relate to - I failed. I believe that the story is beautiful and unique but, unfortunately, not for a rusty grown up mind. 

All in all: I still love Alice and preserve my memory of the childhood bliss. I won't make a mistake of re-reading children's books any more... Or maybe I will. For the sake of the brain movements. 

On my nightstand: 'Bream Gives Me Hiccups' by Jesse Eisenberg

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  1. I've never read it and now I'm thinking adulthood isn't the time to try to catch up! Oh well. On my nightstand - The Distant Hours by Kate Morton.


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