Tips on Being an Expat in the USA

I don't want to say "living in the USA was my dream" cause not only it makes me sound not so patriotic it also makes me sound kind of shallow. So I'll just say "I had a dream to try out living in the US and now I'm doing it!". Words, am I right? Making it sound fancy. 

But jokes aside - America is kinda cool. People are nice, the food makes you happy (and big), you can eat cuisines of the countries you've never heard of without even going there... You get denied a credit card twice, you have to wear glasses if you want to drive, you can't leave the country for quite a while at the beginning.. So in order to pass on the wisdom, here are tips on being an expat in the USA. 

1. Prepare to be challenged
The minute you land - take out your boxing gloves and put them on. You are on, world! You are so on. You will get knocked down A LOT. You will grow muscles and your butt (thanks, food). You will most likely get questioned by a few guards at the airport of your entry on stuff both appropriate and not so much (like, "no, don't go to Nashville, guys are dumb there"). Welcome to New York. 

2. Acquiring new skills will become a part of your daily routine. 
You will learn how to drive at 24. Stupidly will place "I love Ukraine" and "Ukrainian" bumper stickers on your newold car. Lately, you will realize, that those identifiers will make it so hard to run from the cops..(insert sad emojis and tears in your pumpkin spice latte). Just kidding. PSL? No way. Some things never change. 

3. You will stop noticing when people say THE Ukraine. 
Seriously. Just stop. 

4. Overtime, you will stop feeling special. 
Welcome aboard. You've made it, native :) 


  1. Hard to believe it's been close to a year that you've been here. Glad you are! :D

  2. It is unbelievable! Blows my mind... Happy to be here 🔆


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