Book Review: 'The Obamas' by Jodi Kantor

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Everyone should take the time to read this book. The amount of research that went into it is incredible. If I were lucky enough to meet Jodi Kantor in person, I would probably be blabbing something nerve-produced but book related, desperately trying to piece the words together. Hopefully.

I always liked the Obamas - cheering for the underdog is kinda cool. This book covers his first term as a President. I don't know if it is a complete lie or exaggeration, but it is pretty incredible and ridiculously relatable. Yeah, I can relate to the President of the United States. I know. Crazy.

The part I enjoyed the most were the stories of personal growth for both Barack and Michelle. For instance, when they traveled to Olso to get his Nobel Peace Prize, how guests were lining up to greet them, voice their appreciation for the Obamas. Then back in the USA, he was one of the most misunderstood  people in the nation, who would work his butt off to make his campaign plans and ideas work in real life.

The book gives you a great perspective on people around you, your team. It paints a real life picture of the present-day horrors. Going in hopeful, Obama was so sure he was going to change the world (which he did, I think. It might not be what was actually in his drafted 'world change' plan, but he did), and then coming to the point of no return and accepting that it is just not going to happen.

The book reads a lot like a 'how to live' pamphlet you find in a self-help section of the book store. But I loved it.

Let me know what you think: was the book too much for you? Too boring? Too non-fiction?

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