Inside Out

I am a pretty open person. I like people (mostly), don't ask me if I do after a 10 hour shift though. But I like to keep my life balanced and consider being a happy medium between a schizophrenic and Buddha. I thought I am pretty good at identifying my guts and feelings - but wow, America, you are giving me a run for my green card application money (it was not cheap, trust me). 

Sometimes it feels like upon birth Americans get insecurities (like the rest of the world), open-mindedness (weeeell, kind of), and opportunities (cause, American Dream! Duh). But there is something else: the ability to reach inside and grab the feeling of the moment by the guts, look at it, and perfectly describe it. People easily put into words even the simplest of feelings! Anger, joy, frustration...Even the feelings that don't really have a name - antsy feeling when someone is using a nail file next to you, or when you lock yourself out of your car - an American can write an epic novel about how that action makes him feel! Crazy, right? I'm kind of jealous. 

Coming from the Eastern European part of the world (unfortunately, read: post-Soviet), I grew up without a special brain screw that allows you to perfectly combine a coherent text on what are you feeling right this moment. Bottling up was more of a deal. You put your brick face on, 'Eye of the Tiger' is playing in the background, you clock in and out of work and BAM! feelings talks are for sissies. You're angry when someone is using a nail file next to you. You are stupid when you lock yourself out of your car. Simple, one word definitions, that are not worth 'feeling'. And as everyone who doesn't have something but has something else - I want it. 

I understand that I can't generalize the whole country. I know. But from getting to know hundreds of Americans - that was the conclusion I drew. 

So here, if you are in a market for a student - I want to learn how to describe my feelings. Base level: intermediate. Willing to pay: in Ukrainian candy. Level of English: smart ass. Hit me up!


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