Americans: the 'Trained Extroverts' of the World

It was another day at the hostel. The management team had an interview with a potential staff member later in the day. That interview got me thinking (I do that sometimes) and here it is in blog form (mandatory applause). 

Every hostel has a unique vibe but they are the same in one simple thing: you need to like people in order to work here. That is why we ask everyone we interview: do you consider yourself being an introvert or an extrovert? "I am definitely a 'trained extrovert' was one of my favorite replies to this day. 

America, let's get a cup of coffee soon and talk. Being happy is the core of a healthy awesome life, the one that every single one of us desires (hopefully). But at what point does society's peer pressure of being constantly optimistic starts creating an unhealthy teenage wish of doing the opposite? Cause I know from experience - everyone needs a day-break, week-break, or a month-break. And while agreeing with me on this issue, you, America, are still pushing an over-the-top optimism in everyone's face.

I consider myself being lucky: I can put on my Eastern European brick face, talk with an accent, and get away with it on a pony called "stereotyping". But what would a normal American do on the days, when you don't want to reply to you barista's default "what have you been up to today?(fake giant smile)"? Here's my humble plan of action. 

One of the reasons I love this country is because of the exceptional customer service. But I also love a chance to "self-checkout" on my introvert days. So, maybe I am too progressive but I am ready for machines and people to work together. Some days I just want to order coffee by pressing buttons on the screen while in the coffee shop. This will also help out non-native speakers a lot. Just saying. 

For society that is so accepting - there is very little space for the introverts of this world. That is why they have no other thing to do but to put on a 'mask' for the people and share their "how is your day(s)" and "can I get you anything(s)" with the planet. And although Eastern Europeans do have a "brick face" -we don't hide it. But remember, we also know how to party without turning our frowns upside down. Might be the answer to our alcohol problem though..but that's a whole other topic. 


  1. Too true! I like when you think and share it. It brings a sincere smile to my face.

  2. After living in Ukraine for a couple years I went back to the States and was caught off guard by a culture I had begun to forget. I walked into a health food store (in Indiana I think) and the cashier greeted me by saying, "How's it going?" I thought for a second, "Wow, does this stranger actually want to know how my day is going? How am I going to sum up all the complicated emotions I am feeling today?" I took a split second to consider how I could respond about my day when I realized he was just saying hello. So I smiled and said, "Good"--meaning hello back :)

    1. I can't imagine how going back would feel..

      Thanks for dropping by and reading my ramblings :)

  3. My go to on days I didn't want to talk with people - wear a low cut shirt. Worked everytime ;)


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