American Healthcare and the Horrors of the Kardashians

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A few weeks back I got all the insurance packages I needed: car insurance, health insurance, insurance of an empty wallet (thanks to the two above)... I also accidentally purchased the feeling of vulnerability and it won't go away. 

I knew going in: American healthcare sucks - well, nobody's perfect. One other thing I knew - if I ever get lupus there is a guarantee that American doctors will save my life (thanks, House MD). What I didn't  know is that you can get fined if you don't have insurance and living in the U.S. of A. Hold up, what? YOU want to punish ME for not caring about my health??? Or most likely, for caring about my health but having no money? America, we need to talk. 

With corruption, untrained and not caring doctors, with lines for days and bribes...forget it, Ukrainian healthcare is no good either. So what a girl to do? The truth is - I think we all neglect our health. Correction: "we all" = people on a fixed income. I have no doubt that Kim Kardashian is checking up on that baby bump daily. 

Cue: sense of vulnerability. The first thought that will run through my mind when I (hopefully never) get in a car crash or get sick will be "crap, I can't afford it". (Long pause). What? I am basically throwing my safety instincts out of the window cause my mind is running lists of people I can count on and slogans for a crowd funding campaigns. 

This makes me really sad. And scared. But kind of shines the light on all those people who work out like crazy in the gym - you want to prevent as much harm happening to you as possible. And be in good shape. And look attractive. And, well, good job America, you are no longer the fattest country in the world. Gotta give it to ya. Thank you healthcare for whipping your nation into shape. I guess you do wonders. Maybe you're not so bad. 

Oh, when I bleed out, I also will have to remember to google the doctors that accept my insurance. (The end). 

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