Please Don't Clean Up My Mess

Let the debates begin:

Dear Readers, 

Please help me solve this riddle of cultural differences or human ignorance by expressing your true opinions either underneath this post or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can call me up as well, you know. You won't freeze to death from the sound of my voice. Lately, it feels like that's the reason texting overtook this planet. 

The situation is in no way hypothetical. All the characters are real-life people, so be nice. 

One glorious evening my significant other and I were awaiting the arrival of our two honorary guests, AKA another couple for a movie and take-out. In desperate tries to contain at least a dust of the stereotypical Ukrainian woman inside of me, I sent my hubs to the store and started cleaning the whole apartment myself. From vacuuming to dusting to putting away the drying rack with colorful underwear on it (friends' traumatization wasn't on the list of that night's events), I did it all. And cleaned the tub. And the toilet. And the top of the shelves. The only thing that was missing from this wonderful stereotypical adventure was Okean Elzy playing in the background. Oh wait. It did.
The apple of my eye comes home with a much necessary booze supply and I rejoice. My better half goes straight to the coffee table. He takes the coasters I laid down and rearranges them... Then he moves swiftly to the curtains and opens them... His actions are automatic, not thought-through, and blunt. OH NO YOU DIDN'T. 
I get purple in my face - what the heck are you doing, the love of mine? Oh? I just thought this looks better. Aaaaaaaaaand scene. 

America, we need to talk. It happened to me at work, at home, with friends. Stop perfecting my projects. If you think they are not worthy - talk to me. If you are fixing them just because something looks better that way (yeah, right) - well, one person opinion, my friend, just a one person opinion. 

Am I being irrationally blinded by my personal insecurities? Do I sound like a bad Lifetime reality TV middle-aged participant moaning her youth? Or like someone who believes that the world is against her? Cause it is. It is. Especially when you move my coasters around. 


  1. Well, it happened to me today as well.Sometimes It's a power struggle , and pure ignorance or lack of empathy. Make sure your voice is heard and stand your ground no matter what.

    1. Thanks so much for taking time to read this <3 and for the support!!!

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  3. Weeeeell, I think your better half simply thinks he is helping his better half) not even suspecting it might insult somebody. Let the man help you, and then rearrange those coasters back...when he isn't there))


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