4 Simple Activities to Help You Stay Sane While You Wait for the WorkAuthorization

Everyone who had to go through immigration will tell you a sad sad story about how they had to wait N-amount of time to get all of their documents in order. And then wait some more. And more. 

I got here in November. I started working in June. To a person who began contributing to society at the age of 18 - this was a ridiculous phenomenon. Not to mention 'finding a job would be so easy cause I kick ass' thought that haunts you daily. WRONG. No one needs you. You are an immigrant, stealing American jobs. Life-sucks-and-then-you-die kinda deal. 

But if you grew up to be more-or-less insane in your optimism - you might want to consider other options. So here are 4 simple things you can do while you wait for that tiny plastic with your photo on it (and you know that any document photo of your beautiful face gets demolished by the evil bureaucratic forces):                  
1. Get Ripped: pretend that you are in prison and defending yourself is the main prerogative of your daily life. Sweat your butt off, build in the anger towards bureaucracy of the United States of America and start your work out. TIP: lay out all of the immigration documents around you so that they can see and fear how scary you are and, hopefully, resolve faster ( don't hold thy breath).

2. Get Religious: pick up a Torah, Bible, Qur'an, or a Stephen King book. The forces from above might not do their magic right away but your time will run by faster. TIP: pour yourself some wine. You are in your 20s (30s, 40s) - nothing is going to turn you away from that. Stop kidding yourself.
3. Learn How To Play an Instrument: or just spend days choosing the right one, the right design. Wait weeks for it to deliver. Unwrap it. Instagram it. You are good to go. Congrats.
4. Learn How To Draw: get canvases, paints, copy paper, and crayons. Spend hours looking at the works of the artists you like. TIP: keep in mind that 'talent' and 'inspiration' are sold at a much higher price which you can't afford. You don't have a job, duh.

In the real world, you might want to start polishing up your resume, cook your family and friends a delicious dinner, and start your job hunt. The timing is always going to be the right one for YOU. Or so Cecelia Ahern's books say. 

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