Please Don't Clean Up My Mess

Let the debates begin:

Dear Readers, 

Please help me solve this riddle of cultural differences or human ignorance by expressing your true opinions either underneath this post or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can call me up as well, you know. You won't freeze to death from the sound of my voice. Lately, it feels like that's the reason texting overtook this planet. 

The situation is in no way hypothetical. All the characters are real-life people, so be nice. 

One glorious evening my significant other and I were awaiting the arrival of our two honorary guests, AKA another couple for a movie and take-out. In desperate tries to contain at least a dust of the stereotypical Ukrainian woman inside of me, I sent my hubs to the store and started cleaning the whole apartment myself. From vacuuming to dusting to putting away the drying rack with colorful underwear on it (friends' traumatization wasn't on the list of that night's events), I did it all. And cleaned the tub. And the toilet. And the top of the shelves. The only thing that was missing from this wonderful stereotypical adventure was Okean Elzy playing in the background. Oh wait. It did.

4 Simple Activities to Help You Stay Sane While You Wait for the WorkAuthorization

Everyone who had to go through immigration will tell you a sad sad story about how they had to wait N-amount of time to get all of their documents in order. And then wait some more. And more. 

I got here in November. I started working in June. To a person who began contributing to society at the age of 18 - this was a ridiculous phenomenon. Not to mention 'finding a job would be so easy cause I kick ass' thought that haunts you daily. WRONG. No one needs you. You are an immigrant, stealing American jobs. Life-sucks-and-then-you-die kinda deal. 

But if you grew up to be more-or-less insane in your optimism - you might want to consider other options. So here are 4 simple things you can do while you wait for that tiny plastic with your photo on it (and you know that any document photo of your beautiful face gets demolished by the evil bureaucratic forces):                  
1. Get Ripped: pretend that you are in prison and defending yourself is the main prerogative of your daily life. Sweat your butt off, build in the anger towards bureaucracy of the United States of America and start your work out. TIP: lay out all of the immigration documents around you so that they can see and fear how scary you are and, hopefully, resolve faster ( don't hold thy breath).

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