It was time.

It was the time for me to start doing something with my life besides just living. I've missed blogging. I've missed writing. I've missed being heard.

I might be doing this for all the wrong reasons - but there is also a chance I am doing this for all the right ones. I want to tell my story. A Ukrainian expat living in Nashville. Because frankly, so far this experience had been harder than I would have ever thought  it would be.

My sentences will have grammatical mistakes that will drive my husband mad. They will also be sincere, open, and helpful.

It is not brutal to be living in this country, where people smile at you for no reason and pay for your coffee if you are change-shy. But it sure is emotionally heavy and sometimes, borderline unbearable.

My ramblings will tell stories of cultural differences, stories of growing up, stories of being in love. I hope you like it. It is ok if you don't - just don't expect me to bring you an American Souvenir or cook you Ukrainian Meal. Well, maybe a tiny souvenir and a small meal. I am a nice person, dammit.

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